Monday, February 3, 2014

Super Bowl XLVIII Week: A Trip in Pics

Super Bowl XLVII: NY/NJ 2014
Seahawks vs Broncos
MetLife Stadium, NJ
All pics taken with iPhone 5, filter-free.

View from Broncos media availability from Jersey City. On a docked boat. That was rocking. Many players disliked. One journo puked. #NotMe

Said media boat. #TooManyImOnABoat references. #FunnyOnce #StabMeAt90

The night time is the right time. #OldAdamSandlerJokes

Seahawks CB Richard Sherman: Super Bowl Week Star

Inside Broncos boat. Think it was called Enchantment of the Sea #McFly!

Seahawks WR Golden Tate was a popular IV this week, as well. Dude was tardy, but gave great sound. Also sported some Google Glasses later in the week.

Empire State view right outside our office on 6th and 43rd. Always love the different Empire lights.

Pre-built toboggan run. It would be cooler if I took an after picture to compare, but I didn't. #IsWhatItIs 

Awesome Thai restaurant called Room Service in midtown. #LooksLikeAClub

Think this picture does don't do justice. Consider a combo of pad thai and omelette.

Media Day commute from NYC to Prudential Center in Newark. #Sopranos
Morning custard and souvenir mug from Media Day. 

Media Day entrance featuring band.

Media Day 9am.

Media Day 1pm. 

Broncos QB Peyton Manning is popular.

I conveniently out the NFL Network mic flag logo. #CompanyMan

Seahawks S Kam Chancellor, who I think should've been the MVP of the game. #IDigress

That's my producer, Hodo, photobombing in the back. #ThanksBro!

Media swag/junk. I got this taken from me later. For real. I mean, you can see a bag of chips and two Pepsis in there. Taken. #CmonMan

Questlove of The Roots and Late Night w/Jimmy Fallon deejaying the media party.

Questlove doing his thing at Chelsea Pier. Amazing free food here. Winners: Luke's Lobster - shrimp roll with amazing bread; Magnolia Bakery - bread pudding worth punching people over.

Shuttle to next club. Fake-out! It's actually a 6am bus back to the Broncos boat.  Looking at police escort lights.

Sunrise over the new Freedom Tower.

PeyPey fun facts: wasn't feeling the boat, likes "Boardwalk Empire," looking for new Sunday night show.

Media was like TMZ around Sherman. #HypocriticalCuzImSnappedThis? #no

I've never seen the show "Cake Boss" but it was right next to my hotel, so I had to try.

Pumpkin cheesecake. Good, but this thing costs $10. That's like $2 per bite.

Telling you I dig those Empire State lights.

Insane dessert spread at STK, delicious steakhouse next to temporary office.

Jimmy's Corner in midtown. Famous boxing bar. #AtLeastThatIsWhatIWasTold

ESPN's Super Bowl party. It's a celeb-a-thon. 

Kendrick Lamar taking control. #AlthoughHeDidntDoThatVerse

Apparently it was cold inside.

K Lamar. He didn't kill my vibe. #RapPuns

My buddy was crazy tight with Ashanti, her crew, especially her bodyguard. That dude was way cool!

Robin Thicke blurring lines.

Fortunately, Miley didn't show. Unfortunately, neither did Paula Patton.

With ESPN's own Steve Weissman and Kareem White.

ESPN's Linda Cohn might be the nicest person ever. Check the wiki on that.

Selfie-time with ESPN's Sage Steele and make-up superstar Tiffany Hall. 

Actor Wendell Pierce, aka Bunk. I didn't gush about "The Wire," and that took discipline. #StrongMind

Visiting Tom's Restaurant of "Seinfeld" fame. If I had to explain why Tom's Restaurant is famous, than we probably shouldn't be friends anymore. 

Pork buns at Ippudo in midtown. Legit.

This is the Akamaru Modern ramen. Delicious, but there's not a ton of ramen in there. Might I suggest adding the boiled egg. It's a nice touch.

Game day. MetLife Stadium. The weather was phenomenal, upper 40's. That Farmer's Almanac was wrong...  kinda like the Broncos' offensive game plan. 

This is one of the media workroom's outside the stadium. Yep, they put us outside the stadium....

So I had to get my field access on pre-game. What what!!

This is about 3 hours before kickoff.

Stalker pic of John Elway. 

Soaking it in. Didn't even need a puffy jacket here. REI was way bummed.

Inside. Still 2 hours from kickoff.

Some stuff for the kiddies.

Snoopy is not for the kiddies. Snoopy is straight badass. 

Ice sculptures. Carved by Sharon Stone. #BasicInstinctReferences? #NeedNewMaterial

The jumbo letters are a nice touch. All filled with chocolate!

Get out of my photos, random fans. I found this secret scenic spot.

From the upper deck. Significantly more Seahawks fans than Broncos fans. I'd say 70-30. 

But here's one! My good buddy's cousin came all the way from Australia to support the team. Australia! Needless to say, it wasn't a good day. On the bright side - yolo!!!

Whatever they were praying for here worked really well in the game. Like, really well.

Broncos lighting my fire like Jim Morrison. 90's Sandler jokes, Basic Instinct, and now The Doors. I'm starting to suck on this pop culture referencing thing.

Seahawks' mascot Blitz feeling the national anthem.

MVP Seahawks LB Malcolm Smith. Great game, but still believe Kam Chancellor should've been the MVP.

Sherman talking to former ESPNer Rachel Nichols. Sad the dude got hurt. This guy was a charmer all week. He's crazy intelligent. Hopefully the masses understand that and we can move on from all the unfortunate "thug" talk. 

After a brutal game, Peyton faced the media down with earnestness, integrity, and poise. Despite the loss, this is the epitome of what makes Peyton, Peyton off the field. One of the best ever.
Was hoping Broncos 35-yo CB Champ Bailey could get that ring in his 15th season. Like Peyton, all class.
I do like Seahawks coach Pete Carroll. The reasons are clear why NFL players anonymously voted him the coach they'd most like to play for. 

Rocking Blue Steel in honor of the champion Seahawks. You know, 'cuz their colors include blue.  #Yep
Tossing that confetti like Lebron James' chalk. You know, 'cuz I'm awesome. #Yep

And now, if you made it this far - it's like you went to Super Bowl XLVIII.

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