Thursday, December 4, 2014

Pirating the Caribbean I: St. Thomas

St. Thomas, USVI
May 2011
Royal Caribbean Cruise island stop: #1 of 6
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Homage to old Toyota commercials at Drake's Seat. View behind is of Magens Bay.


Magens Bay. That water color tho.

Those tree limbs tho.

I strongly suggest renting a car on island cruise stops. Allows you to explore way more of the island compared to a cruise excursion. 

Hull Bay.


My dad snorkeling in Magens Bay.

Carib lager. A Caribbean beer brewed in Trinidad & Tobago. Don't remember how it tastes. But it was consumed on a beach in the Carib. Pretty sure it tasted awesome.

Coki Beach. Major snorkeling area. 

This looks like the island in "Cast Away." It's not. I'm just saying.

Pops getting that snorkel and mask action on a little early.

These are fish. Duh.

But he didn't say why!!!
If you want to be That Guy, the sand really isn't as white as it could be… #DBagComments

Ritz Carlton. My dad loves him some luxury hotels. Not to stay at, to pretend he stayed at!

I guess the Ritz is alright.
Next: St. Croix, being the worst SCUBA diver ever, and a beer drinking pig.

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