Monday, August 1, 2016

What to Watch For in Cleveland: Rock Hall and LeBron. That's the List

It's his town.
Cleveland, OH
June 2016
NBA Finals Game 3 - Warriors at Cavs

When I first got to my hotel in downtown Cleveland around 1am, the fire department was inspecting the lobby.  #SoCleveland
As you'll have noticed by now, I'm a fan of random art. Here's a stamp labeled "free." Free from solid dining options maybe...
Skyline from Lake Erie.
That's the Browns stadium to the right. Bet you didn't think Cleveland rocked like this, eh???
Speaking of rock, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame! What are the odds? #AmazingSegue
This is one of Bruce Springsteen's guitars. This antiquated site will not allow me to adjust the photo, so you may have to crank your neck. It's quite a gorgeous guitar that was donated to Bruce.
George Clinton's Atomic Dog slippers! Dude wore these on stage.
Michael Jackson's uniform when he served in our armed forces. #NotTrue
MJ's glove yo! It's no Franklin batting glove, that looks mad uncomfortable.

Run DMC's Adidas and glasses. Those frames would make me feel like an elderly Seinfeld character.
Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr bubbles baths. I already used my good joke on Instagram. Sigh.
So John Lennon created this mock newspaper when he was in grammar school! The artistry is incredibly impressive. This was done in the 50s. What's far less impressive, is that he casually dropped an N-bomb in it. Hmmmm. Sure he was young and British colloquialisms were different in the 50s, but still... Not cool, John.
The cover to his satirical illustrated newspaper, the Daily Howl.
More Daily Howl. Don't know why Winston Churchill doesn't get arms in his drawing. Is that a metaphor... or would you say... that's a reach?? #ImHereAllDay 
When Prince changed his name to the symbol, he sent this floppy disk to media outlets so they could download an use it properly. It's called a floppy disk, kids! But I never agreed with calling these things "floppy," unlike their actual floppy predecessors. Those things were great. You had to handle those things like plutonium they were so fragile.
The actual wall from a Pink Floyd "The Wall" concert. 
I'm feeling this dude. But this TV is way too new to be The Wall era. This set must've been from a later performance. Or the whole thing is a sham. I just noticed it says 1995 on the wall. Were TVs that thin in 1995? Something is awry.
Downtown before it's bombarded by fans.
This mural is so sick. The city was going to take it down, but after they won the chip, forget that.
The Q, where the Cavs play, is on the far left. In proportion to everything, that mural is massive. No wonder the dude's ego is so big, but you can you really blame him. The city worships him.
Pre-game 3 fan fest outside the arena. The Indians, that's baseball for some of y'all, play across the street.
Shirts on shirts on shirts.
Quicken loans/Cavs owner Dan Gilbert also owns Fathead. They gave these out to the seats behind the hoop, hoping to distract players shooting free throws.
Press row.
Suits and sneaks part 2.


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