Thursday, March 27, 2014

The TBT/LAP Files: Last Days in Sydney

Manly Beach, Sydney
In a desperate effort to finish old travel blogs that never happened, I'm starting my TBT Files, or Throwback Thursday for the acronym-challenged. Instead of full blog entries, I'm really just posting pictures and describing experiences in potentially ultra-long captions. While I'm labeling this as TBT, it's really more like the LAP Files - Lazy Ass Procrastinator Files. Whatevs.

So one of the blogs I never finished was my trip to Australia. I left off with my jaunt to Blue Mountain. More importantly on this trip to Manly Beach by Sydney - I caught my first wave on a surfboard. Let's turn back time!

Opera House from the ferry. There's a sweet bar there, cleverly-named The Opera Bar. You could argue it's a touristy, but there are still locals who head over there after work. I loved it. Spectacular sunsets.

Took a surf class with Manly Surf School. Nothing like surfing on foam boards! #WhateverIFinallyGotUp

Better view of Manly Beach. Aussie's narrowly chose that name over Mildly Effeminate Beach.
Always cool to see these signs at the beach.

Asked this bloke to take a pic of me on the beach. So that went well.

The flags say "Enjoy Manly" - but why was everyone telling me "Be manly"?

Kangaroo Burger from Moo Burger. Tastes very lean, more gamey than cow. Was served with beets, as Aussies love beets more than Dr. Dre. I recommend trying, but cows are definitely tastier.
When I initially met up with these two for an evening of funzies, both of whom I'd never met before, I had just gotten back from hanging at the beach all day and was in board shorts and sandals. They looked at me with the same type of disappointment my mom does. I went back to the hotel and changed.

This was at the Ivy Bar. It's much like your typical Hollywood hot spot. Multiple club levels, infinity pool. Was definitely digging the pool. #YeahIGotIn
The locals responsible for showing me a wild Wednesday night in Sydney. They succeeded.
I hope this pic conveys how insanely large this newspaper is. I could use it as a blanket. Or a boat. That kid from "Big Daddy" would be set for life with this. #BedPeeingReference

I end with this picture because I think it's awesome. I'm assuming it's a joke piece, but I think it works on so many levels, like Hans Moleman's film "Football in the Groin." This was at the NSW Gallery. I don't know the artist nor the title, but I love it. I'll call it: "Oops."

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