Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Detroit: The Lions' Den

Detroit, MI
August 2011

Was in Detroit for the AAJA convention. My non-conference adventures.

Welcome indeed. Accosted in 8 Mile.
I asked my buddy to drive us to 8-Mile just so I could take a picture of sign. As soon as we got out of the car, people honked and cussed at us. Then a homeless dude tried to sell me something. All of this happened in mere minutes. Maybe the Free World weren't really all that bad, and B-Rabbit and his 313-crew were actually villains! Mind blown!
Detroit's famous American Coney Island dogs. I remember nothing except they were consumed at a late hour.
Always enjoy public transportation while traveling, except in LA

Detroit Beer company. Sampling was had. I remember nothing. #CoolStoryBro

In front of Comerica Park. There are tigers everywhere.
Lots of Tigers.
Hockeytown Cafe. Huge Red Wings spot.

Lions baby! Ford Field, home of the Lions. The House That Barry Built. Although, that's technically not accurate, at all.
They seem to really be against standing in Detroit.
Told you.
24-hour Greek cafe. Was consumed at late hour. No thoughts. #CoolStoryBro

Detroit freestyle!
That's the famous building in RoboCop. You know, OCP! Duh! 
Detroit Riverfront outside of the "OCP" building.
Slows BBQ. Did we eat here? Your guess is as good as mine. I'm thinking yes. Bet it was good. Who knows? #ThisBlogSucks!
Feeling that Detroit vibe.
An example of the Detroit struggle. Lot of abandoned buildings.
Ernie Harwell Park. This is actually where Tiger Stadium used to be. Now, it's just an empty field...
Perfect for antics!
More Detroit metaphors.
The ring.
The Joe Louis fist. Another Detroit metaphor.

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