Thursday, November 5, 2015

Who the hell is Martha? The Vineyard

Martha's Vineyard, MA
April 2013

Martha's Vineyard is the New England beach town you've seen in movies where the hoity toity vacation. But that's not entirely true. It's a sweet, romantic escape from the city life, just south of Cape Cod (I don't know if it's technically considered part of Cape Cod). Definitely worth a visit.

In April, the weather hasn't quite warmed. You definitely need some outerwear. Forget about going in the water.

I think JFK Jr's plane crashed off this coast.

If you bring your car on the ferry to Martha's, it's surprisingly expensive. I think it was around $130 - I don't remember. Surprise! That said, you'll certainly want some sort of vehicle out there to explore the island. All the folks who say you can just bike around the island are nuts. That looks super exhausting. But maybe I should try it before I judge. Whatever, these are pics from more than 2 years ago!

Quebec: Who needs the Nordiques?

#TBT Files
Quebec City, Quebec
August 2012

I visited a friend who was hanging in Old Quebec. The city was quaint and scenic; exactly as how I would picture a small French town to be. I don't remember much else from this trip, too lazy to look up my old notes, so there will be no witty captions. I know you're disappointed.

This is a vending machine. I like your style, Quebec.

This was some sort of local meat thing - I don't remember caring much for it. I mean, look at it.

CIty By the Bay: San Francisco

San Francisco
August 2015

I was back in Cali attending the AAJA Convention. Always a pleasure to revisit the Bay.

Early morning Oakland Bay-Bridge run.
Ran around 8 miles to get a view of the Golden Gate in the morning. This was the best shot that I got. Dumbass.

Fisherman's Wharf before the crowds. Part of my jogscapes.

Board life. 
Another morning Bay Bridge run. This morning was much better.
The glove at AT&T Park, easily one of MLB's best parks.
Another shot of Hall of Famer Willie McCovey's statue and AT&T behind him.
McCovey Cove with the park and bridge behind.

So… did I mention I like this stadium?
Ordering pizza to the bar. Classic move.

It was a popular decision.

This is a fancy brunch at The Pink Elephant, a popular spot near the Financial District. They were blasting music early in the afternoon and have bottomless mimosas with your choice of many different flavors. The food was delicious but crazy heavy. The music was a little too loud for my mid-30's, post-late-night ears. #old

Is this racist? Did the director of "Breakfast at Tiffany's" sculpt this?!

Sugoi Sushi. Yeah it's good.

Snowboarding Vermont: It ain't the Rockies, but it'll do

Vermont Ski Resorts
Killington, Mt. Snow, Stratton
2013, 2014, 2015 

It ain't the Rockies. But it'll do.