Sunday, July 31, 2016

Klay Thompson made 10-3s against the Thunder so I got to go to NorCal instead of Oklahoma City to cover my first NBA Finals

Suit and sneaks.
San Francisco/Oakland, CA
June 2016
NBA Finals coverage: Cavs at Warriors, Games 1 and 2

LeBron James at shootaround. Let him borrow my night jogging socks.
Kyrie Irving at shootaround. 
Introducing the PB2. As in peanut butter and jelly... and pork belly.  This is at Jamber Wine Bar, a small hipster hangout with a little bit of a fly problem. The sandwich was tasty, but not required eating. Different enough for a trial though. And their happy hour prices are top notch so I couldn't help but get the sampler. (There was no game the next day, people. Don't judge.)
Kin Khao, one of the best reviewed Thai restaurants in SF, which is saying something. It's Michelin-rated, but I wouldn't say it's mind-blowing. By this point, I don't remember what these food pics are. Rice Krispy treats? 
Some sort of curry. Maybe. Kin Khao's Yelp reviews are strong; the critics love it; it's one of my foodie friend's favorite spots... but all that said, I'd give it one of those ho hum emojis.

Back to work. LeBron driving on someone. Is that Harrison Barnes? Festus Ezeli? Hard to tell without my binoculars.

Confetti showers after every game. The DNC in Philly made Oracle Arena look like chumps.

Being a total fatty. Went to Sushiritto and ordered both a sushi burrito and sushi nachos for myself. No regrets! The line took forever - think I had to wait 20 minutes or so (I don't remember), but I enjoyed this more than Kin Khao. I think I double dipped with tuna for both, but highly recommend. Picture the Chipotle of sushi... minus the E Coli.
Bay Bridge and a beer at Waterbar.
A summer hike to Baker Beach. Forget the name of this forest, but for the uber nerd, you may recognize this setting from "Return of the Jedi." This is Endor. You could say it was more lush "a long time ago."
Baker Beach view of the Golden Gate.
Clear up, dammit!
That's not going to cut it.

Fine. #CloudsAreA-Holes
Your guess is as good as mine as to what this one's doing.
The other side is better.
This toilet is at the bus stop just outside what's considered one of the best bakeries in SF: b. patisserie. Convenient I suppose. Didn't have the courage to look inside.
Requisite cable car.
A UCSB + AAJA SF reunion.
Pastries from Tartine, another fancy bakery in SF, who's line is far more arduous than b. patisserie. I'd rate Tartine higher.
Street art alert. Deuces.
Grant Hill and Shaquille O'Neal representing for the late Muhammad Ali, who died the day before. #GOAT


A moment of silence and tribute to the GOAT, Muhammad Ali.

Upper level press seats were right next to the arena DJ. And yes, arenas have DJs now. They play all sorts of music without lyrics that the young kids gyrate to.


Art in ATL

Atlanta Jazz Festival
May 2016
All photos unfiltered. Except the one above... which is heavily filtered.

Georgia Aquarium with Mindy, her niece, and mom. #CuriousChons.
Debatable as to who was more fascinated by the aquarium - niece...
Or Mindy.
I don't know the pizza scene in Atlanta, but any list is garbage if it Antico isn't on it. Delicious and highly recommended for a visit. Almost as good as the Hawaiian BBQ chicken at Papa John's! #ButReallyIsAnythingThatGood?
Atlanta's Beltline, a 22-mile-long trail that weaves through the city and connects 45 different communities via converted railroad tracks. It's modeled after NYC's High Line. There's incredible art showcased along the entire trail, like this mesmerizing tribute to Urkel. #NotUrkel It's actually called The Art of Reconciliation and probably has a very serious meaning. #LikeLeaveLauraWinslowAlone
King Kong climbing the Eiffel Tower.
What the heck is this monkey from? I feel like I know this image, but I can't remember for the life of me. Is it a video game? A cartoon? Is that Curious George???
Gigantic Asian mural alert!
Would you believe I could read 50% of the characters on this wall? If so, you would be wrong.
This can isn't just brilliant marketing, but it's actually a legitimately great beer. Wild Heaven Craft Beers. Go take care of your emergency.
Ladybird Grove and Mess Hall along the Belt. Great vibe. This is like if Austin, TX, uprooted and settled in Atlanta. Chill outdoor patio area. Very popular spot. You will unintentionally eavesdrop on at least 5 college football conversations and see at least 10 floppy-haired dudes wearing Polos.
This building doesn't look like anything special, but inside is some of the best food I've ever had! It's called Staplehouse and was featured in GQ's Best New Restaurants of 2016. Different, pricey, but legit. It's in the Edgewood neighborhood.
Fascinated by this mural in Edgewood. Exploration, baby!
Morning view of the skyline from Piedmont Park.
My Wyoming roommates having an impromptu ATL reunion. #BeechStreetGang