Thursday, February 26, 2015

Pirating the Caribbean III: Antigua

Antigua, West Indies
May 2011
Royal Caribbean Cruise island stop #3 of 6
All photos unfiltered

Beaches are so white here, even the rocks act accordingly.

Going for a sail with Ondeck Sailing.
Antigua is known for its sailing and hosts Antigua Sailing Week (where else would that be?), which is one of the biggest regattas in the world (regatta's just a fancy word for boat races). One of the packages Ondeck offers is a yacht race. Two 40-foot yachts with 6 people each racing against each other in the Falmouth Harbour. 
Compare the horizon versus our sails. Definitely thought we were tipping over here!
This was our Captain Nickey. She's reportedly the first female professional skipper from Antigua.  I pitched an ESPNw story about her at the time, but it fell through. Nickey - you made it to my personal travel blog, next best thing!
The color of the water was unreal. In the distance, the yacht we raced.
The view.

Captaining the ship. Almost sunk us twice in 5 minutes. #Natural

Told Google CEO Larry Page owns a $100-milion mega-yacht in this harbor. Remember being told that gigantic black, fully-automated yacht belonged to some celebrity. Forgot who. #CoolStoryBro
Who doesn't like titi's?

Nelson's Dockyard. Famous spot in the English Harbour. 

The Boat House and Sail Loft at Nelson's Dockyard. First established in 1797. Hurricanes and earthquakes have destroyed everything except for these pillars.

More pillars.


Fat boy or smart boy? Which is it?! Is he fat and smart? Or are there 2 people? #Mysteries

St. John's, Antigua's capital and largest city.
Lot of old school brick architecture in the docks and harbors.
Dickenson Bay. Water and sand are kinda nice. There's a Sandals resort here. That's why I'm popping my collar. Trying to fit in with those bourgeois peeps.

Snorkeling is not great in Halcyon Cove. Water's not transparent enough. Lame water!



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