Thursday, March 26, 2015

Pirating the Caribbean V: Grenada

May 2011
Royal Caribbean Cruise island stop #5 of 6
All photos unfiltered

Grenada is named Spice Island because the native population is known for its infatuation with the Spice Girls. Pretty sure that's true. One may argue the name has something to do with its economic dependence on spices and being one of the world's largest exporters of nutmeg. They would be wrong. Posh Spice.
Do you see spices here? No. Do you see posters of Victoria Beckham? Yes.  Reiterating my point.
This is Flamingo Bay and it wins.
Here's another look at that insanely blue water. Heading out to an underwater sculpture park in Moliniere Bay.

Snorkel action. Clown fish? I don't know. This ain't National Geographic. Or better yet - Ranger Rick! Do they still publish that? I used to love that magazine. Ranger Rick was the shiznit.

This is part of the underwater sculpture park. It was created by British artist Jason de Caires Taylor in 2006 and is a world's first. There are 65 sculptures. For more info, check his website: underwater
This is called Grace Reef, according to the artist's website.
This is a thing with a thing on its head, not according to the artist's website.
I will note that I took these pics while snorkeling; it would be much easier to get better pics while diving. But I sacrifice for you, the reader. #HiMom
Don't know. Seems suggestive.
It's a lady. #InLadiesManVoice
I believe this one is known as Viccisitudes, according to the artist's website. I believe its been retouched since this was taken.
Take 2.
They're resting because they've been standing forever.
This is Annandale Falls. It is not that large.

But it does feature cliff divers who are looking for tips. I was very close to climbing to the top and jumping, but my dad was beyond freaked, so I relented. On a related note, I'm still alive.
Closer look at the cliff.
Closer look at the fall.
This is my Apocalypse Now selfie. I sacrifice a cow later. #Untrue
Local kiddies getting out of school. This is my Look-I-Took-A-Picture-Of-Normal-Life-In-A-Different-Country-Because-I'm-Artsy-And-An-Aware-Traveler #pretentious
Thank you.

The capital, St. George. That may or may not be my cruise ship in the background.


Next: Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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