Thursday, November 5, 2015

The DMV: Our Nation's Capital

Washington DC
August 2014

Returning to the nation's capital for my AAJA Convention. Love DC.
Is this photograph a metaphor?
Love how scenic running in DC can be. #Jogscapes
Washington Monument peaking through the clouds.

This is an actual part of the Berlin Wall at the Newseum, a museum of notable news. This is an incredible museum because practically every historical event was noteworthy news at some point. For journalism junkies, this place is fantastic where you can just nerd out to see how events were covered over time.
The first ever TV satellite truck. I think I know some TV stations that could still use this bad boy.
The former Chief Justice with a brilliant take on sports.
The classic Man Dressed As Panda While Panda Looks Confused and Probably Wants to Mate photo.
It smells like a dirty diaper filled with Indian food. #SexPanther
The actual set from the "Anchorman" - the quintessential film about broadcast news. "Network"? Whatever!
A glass case of emotion.
The map colors represent what countries have a completely free media. Green - completely free; yellow - partially; red - not at all.
Part of the WTC Towers.


I spent my 2002 summer in this building, which was brand new at the time. I was part of the University of CA - DC program where you work an internship in a field related to your major. It was my first extended time outside of California. It opened my eyes and I loved it.
Thank you, DC.

And scene.

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