Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Ticos Locos: An Eco-Lodging, Waterfall Jumping, Whitewater Rafting Adventure

Jan 2016:
National Geographic called the Pacuare River one of the top 5 places in the world for whitewater rafting. Views like this help. We went through: I'll just say they took care of us.
We took the road less traveled to get to Turrialba from Jaco. Outside of Turrialba is the launch site for most of the whitewater rafting companies.
The yard of the AirBnB we got in Turrialba. Looks nice, right? It was super cheap, too. But it was weird as hell. Having just watched "Narcos" on Netflix, this place seemed like one of Pablo Escobar's old ranch getaways. There was a basketball court, pool, million-hillside acres, weird doll and book collections.
Riding to the river in style. By that I mean on top of the rafts. Totally safe...
The Pacuare is a mix of Class 3 and 4 rapids depending on rainfall and season. If you're sitting in the front, it's a solid workout - if you're in the back, you don't do anything. It's a decent challenge and any novice can do it.
No one was ever in danger of falling out.
With only 5 of us on a private raft, we didn't have as much power and force as other rafts.
High five.
A bridge and passageway that started to get a little crowded. 

This was our eco lodge in the middle of the Pacuare. Several little huts set up for the village.
The inside of each hut.
A little RnR.
What separates the overnight whitewater rafting guides from day trips or others, is that all the guides are also prolific cooks! Yes, these guys cooked up some awesome grub for us. It wasn't fancy, but it was on point - and hearty. 
A poorly-lit pic of fresh fish and other stuff. I don't remember now.
Jimmy pouring fire drink.
After eating, we trekked to a small waterfall to jump.
Climbing time.

Fast forward to the 20 second mark for my jump. You'll see an all-too familiar reaction at the end. The impact of the water caused me to drop my GoPro. You can see my hands react, and everyone knew immediately. It seemed as if the sun was going to set on yet another Chow-owned electric device. #CuzImTerrible
The crew, including Aldo on the far right. Aldo was my GoPro hero, pun intended! Somehow Aldo was able to find the camera, which had dropped into a little cubbyhole underwater.
Who needs Christmas trees? They don't in La Fortuna, which is famous for an active volcano and several hot springs.

Tabacon Hot Springs. It's like the Bellagio of all the many hot springs you'll see in La Fortuna. It's by far the most expensive, but it's quite romantic and has a small water slide. We just got a day pass (for a few hours) and it cost $50 each. We went to town on the bar food as we were starving. It did the job but wasn't amazing. But really, Tabacon is all about the hot springs.

This hot spring appears to be backlit.
Chalk up another one.
Later CR.

GoPro Video:

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