Thursday, March 5, 2015

Pirating the Caribbean IV: St. Lucia

St. Lucia
May 2011
Royal Caribbean Cruise island stop #4 of 6
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The Pitons. It's like Rio in the Caribbean.
Marigot Bay
Simple cove. Quiet and lush.
Those are the famous Pitons off in the distance. The Pitons are volcanic plugs, whatever that is. The locals know the good spots for picture taking along the highway - so they post up there to sell you handcrafted items… and Viagra. It's around an 1.5 hours to get to the Pitons from here, according to my old notes, which also indicated the highways were in poor condition. But who really knows. These notes were written more than 3 years ago.
Lot of chickens in the Caribbean. No street crossing answers.

Wall art driving thru Soulfriere, near the Pitons. Not Banksy.

Jalousie Beach resort. I believe its called Sugar Beach now, but used to be called the Jalousie Plantation. This place was crazy luxurious and isolated; a celebrity hideaway. You know - that's why I was there. #UntilTheyKickedMeOut

Jalousie Beach. This may or may not be a private beach for the resort. That's Petit Piton in the distance, the shorter of the two volcanic plugs. 
This is an amazing shot of the Gros Piton, the larger volcanic plug. I still can't get over that this area is practically exclusive to the resort. The sand was crawling with ants, which did taint a little of the awesomeness.

There's the Truman Show trying to escape this seemingly fake world.

I don't remember what I ordered. I imagine it was overpriced though. Iceberg lettuce? Really? What is this 1985?

The view's aight tho.

Hey buddy. Kittens are rad. Cats… meh.

Diamond Botanical Gardens. These are botanics.

Diamond Fall. This place was suggested in the travel book we had, but it's really not an essential visit.

Signs point to more botanics.

There was a mineral bath that you could soak in, but it was like an old outdoor YMCA jacuzzi you'd stumble upon in Nebraska.
Bam. Gros Piton.
After a traffic-filled return to the cruise ship, a quick shot of Castries, the capital of St. Lucia.

So I'm not drinking with the local beer here, Piton. They drive on the right side of the road and the steering wheel's on the left. Piton tastes like every other Caribbean beer. When in Rome...

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