Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Chinese New Year in Michael Jordan's Old Playground

Chicago, IL
Feb 2016:
Lion Dance up in here. Photo courtesy Jason D. Lee Photography.
This year, the Asian American Coalition of Chicago invited me to emcee their Lunar New Year Celebration, there were more than 11-hundred guests that included many notable dignitaries, politicians, players... and me. We brought in the Year of the Monkey in style. Additional thanks to MSNBC anchor Richard Lui for bowing out of the event! 

Fried chicken at Sunda.
The penthouse suite at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago featured a pool table, fireplace, and wet bar. It was not mine.
Sweet welcome bag from the AACC. Those monkeys are rad.
Untitled Supper Club. Over 400 American whiskeys to choose from. I remember someone saying something about it being the largest whiskey bar in the country, or maybe it was the city, or maybe on the street corner. Whatever. There was lots of whiskey.
Including this charming fellow! They distilled a certain type of this at the restaurant/club itself - so apparently it's only available there. It makes for a nice Old Fashioned... you know, if I drank...
I forgot what this is, but it looks good. Photo courtesy of Lily Kim.
Some pork baos. Or chicken. Or maybe seafood. All of the above? Courtesy Lily Kim. 
Lamb shank. We also had a bone marrow burger that was tasty. Eating well is apparently an integral part to success in the AACC. Courtesy Lily Kim.
Some lovely ramen at a restaurant that eludes my mind at the moment. #NoticingATrend
The eye of Cloud Gate.
The orb. I mean, the Bean.
Too bad all these lame tourists are in the way of my lame tourist photo.
Chances I hurt my back after this: 101%?
With local ABC anchor Linda Yu, who's a Chicago broadcasting institution and started the AAJA chapter in Chicago. She's also infatuated with pandas, so if you ever see her in Chicago, that's a great icebreaker. Your welcome.
Me doing something witty.
Linda saying something witty. Me trying to see what's next in the prompter.
Lanterns. Courtesy Jason D. Lee Photography.
Batman Begins, yo!!! "I won't kill you, but I don't have to save you."
Dabbing with the Connie Chung of the future. Unless I can convince her sports is the way to go...


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